Moot Court

II ITLOS Moot Court Competition will be ONLINE

The Brazilian Institute for the Law of the Sea (BILOS) announces that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the II ITLOS Moot Court Competition will be held remotely through a virtual platform. The original dates and rules are maintained, but the competition will be online. The Institute decided to do...
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II Itlos Moot Court: case keywords

The Brazilian Institute for the Law of the Sea (BILOS) is pleased to announce the keywords of the II ITLOS Moot Court Competition hypothetical case: IUU Fishing, Flag State, Due Diligence, Climate Change. The hypothetical case is being elaborated by Prof. Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella...
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Procedural Clarification Request

Due to a Procedural Clarification Request made by the Escola de Guerra Naval (EGN) Team, the Organization of the 2019 ITLOS MOOT COURT COMPETITION reserved itself the right to answer to this Procedural Clarification Request in its own ratio: Procedural Clarifications Requests...
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