08 julho 2021


The Brazilian Institute for the Law of the Sea (BILOS) makes public and invites all professors, researchers, students and professionals in the field of Law and the International Relations to participate in the selection process for papers to be presented at the V Congress of the Brazilian Institute for the Law of the Sea, which will be held virtually, on November 11th and 12th, 2021.

Papers must be submitted by August 15th, 2021.



Papers can be written in Portuguese, Spanish, English, or French.

Submitted works may be previously published. If the work is previously published, please communicate it to the Editor (under “Comment to the Editor”) when submitting the text online.

The express content is the sole responsibility of the author. BILOS exempts itself from any liability.

Papers produced by researchers who have the title of Doctor, Master, Master’s student or Specialist will be accepted. Graduates and undergraduates can only publish co-authored by doctors or masters. Each author may submit up to 2 (two) papers.

All authors must be registered, at the time of paper submission, for the V Congress of the Brazilian Institute for the Law of the Sea.



The paper must adhere to the following format: Word file (.doc or .docx), size between 15 (twenty) and 30 (thirty) pages, excluding bibliographic references, A4 format, font Times New Roman, size 12; 1,5 spacing, upper and lower margin of 2.5 cm and sides of 3 cm; quotations shall be in footnotes (never in “author-date” system).

Papers that are less than 15 (fifteen) pages will not be accepted.



Title (Portuguese or Spanish or French, with English translation required);

Abstract (Portuguese or Spanish or French, with English translation required);

Keywords (Portuguese or Spanish or French, with English translation required);



Conclusion/Final Considerations;

Bibliographic References.

Title and subtitles must be highlighted in bold. The title must be in capital letters, centered, in Portuguese or Spanish or French and English versions. The titles of the divisions and subdivisions of the texts must be written in lowercase, bold, and progressively numbered (not being numbered introduction, conclusion/final considerations and bibliographic references).

Papers must contain an English “abstract”, in addition to a version either in Portuguese, Spanish, or French (up to 800 characters each – including spaces); and “key words” in English, as well as key words in either Portuguese or Spanish or French (of three to five keywords, separated by a semicolon, with lowercase initials, unless the word requires a capital letter).



UNDER THE PENALTY OF DISQUALIFICATION, the text may not contain any identification of the author(s). The identification data of the author(s) – TO BE OMITTED IN THE SUBMITTED TEXT – must instead be included in the cover page of the paper.

All data on the author(s) must be entered only in the paper submission form.



Direct quotations of up to three lines will be made in quotation marks, in the same paragraph. Above three lines, they must be made in a new paragraph, indented 4 cm from the margin, without quotation marks, and then a colon. Voiceovers in foreign language(s) and highlights must be written in italics.



Explanatory notes and references (bibliographic or websites) must be inserted at the end of each page (by means of footnotes). Do not use the author-date system. All sources used, direct and indirect, must be mentioned in the bibliographic references, in alphabetical order of the author’s last name, with the title of the work in bold and no italics (titles of periodicals or organized works must be in italics and without bold). Only the works actually cited must appear in the references.


Complete work:

TANAKA, Yoshifumi. The International Law of the Sea. 2. ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Part of collective work (organized, edited):

ANDERSON, David. Freedoms of the High Seas in the Modern Law of the Sea. In: FREESTONE David; BARNES Richard. The Law of the Sea: Progress and Prospects. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006, pp. 327–346.

Journal article:

BAI, Jiayu. The IMO Polar Code: The Emerging Rules of Arctic Shipping Governance. The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, vol. 30, Issue 4, pp. 674-699, 2015.



For the acceptance of the works, criteria of adequacy for publication, scientific quality attested by the Editorial Board and by an anonymous process of blind peer review will be observed, in addition to compliance with the paper formatting rules established by this Notice.

Evaluation of submitted papers – blind peer review: submitted papers undergo a prior evaluation carried out by the Editorial Board, verifying their adequacy to the proposed theme in the Law of the Sea. After this evaluation, the papers are sent to two anonymous reviewers for a qualitative assessment of their form and content, according to the process known as blind peer review.

The opinion can be by Acceptance or Rejection. Authors will have access to all opinions about their paper, without identifying the reviewer.

The criteria to be used by the evaluators when analyzing the papers can be found here.



The papers approved by the Editorial Board for presentation at the V Congress of the Brazilian Institute for the Law of the Sea will be in the book “Law of the Sea: Reflections, Trends and Perspectives, Volume 5”, published by D’Plácido Publishing House that will be released on the day of the event.



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