05 junho 2019

The hypothetical case of the I ITLOS Moot Court Competition is now available!

In the I ITLOS Moot Court Competition, the BILOS (Brazilian Institute for the Law of the Sea) invites students from all over the world to argue the case between the Republic of Disali and the Kingdom of Brismania.

Link for the hypothetical case: 2019 ITLOS MOOT COURT COMPETITION – OFFICIAL CASE

Other important links:

Link for the Official Rules of the Competition: 2019 ITLOS Moot Court Competition – Rules

Link for registration: Registration Form – I ITLOS Moot Court

2019 Calendar of the ITLOS Moot Court Competition:

Release of the official rules of the competition and opening date of teams registrations: 04 June 2019

Release of hypothetical case to be argued: 05 June 2019

Request for clarification of facts: 05 July 2019

Response to requests for clarification of facts: 25 July 2019

Final date of teams registrations and opening date for the submission of memorials: 10 August 2019

Final date for the submission of memorials: 20 September 2019


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